sizzle red weight loss supplement
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Sizzle Red Weight Loss Support

sizzle red weight loss supplement

Sizzle Red is a phenomenally effective weight loss product for those who are tired of losing and then regaining the same pounds over and over again.

Formulated with clinically proven weight management ingredients, Sizzle Red is already earning rave reviews from our members who are amazed at just how quickly it is working for them.

If you have had enough of yo-yo dieting and are ready to finally dump those unwanted extra pounds for good, then Sizzle Red is the product for you.

No false weight loss claims or magic bullets. Just real effective natural, cutting edge ingredients.

A short description of the benefits of each of the primary ingredients is given below.

Explanation of the Ingredients in the Sizzle Red

Glucomannan (Konjac Root):

Glucomannan, from konjac root, is a form of beneficial soluble fiber that can improve bowel health, blood sugar and lipids, and other health conditions. It can also help you lose fat and stay lean by improving satiety and appetite hormones.

Glucomannan takes up space in the stomach and promotes a feeling of fullness (satiety), reducing food intake at a subsequent meal.
Glucomannan delays emptying of the stomach, contributing to increased satiety.

Like other soluble fibers, Glucomannan reduces the absorption of protein and fat.
Glucomannan also feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine, which turn it into short-chain fatty acids like butyrate, shown to protect against fat gain.

To lose fat, you have to eat less. Simple enough. But it's hard to get enough fiber when you are eating less food. Inadequate fiber often means more hunger.
More hunger means you want to eat more.

Glucomannan meets both these needs -- adequate fiber plus greater satiety.

Because it can hold so much water and form a gel, Glucomannan helps us feel more satisfied with meals. This means we can eat less but feel more satisfied for longer. Eating less means fat loss.

Raspberry Ketone:

Raspberry ketone is a chemical compound found in raspberries, blackberries and cranberries as well.

Raspberry ketone can help enhance the fat burning process and it can reduce fatty tissue in the body

Animal studies show that raspberry ketones can help in speeding up the body’s fat burning action.
The compound helps produce a hormone which helps break down fat cells faster, especially in the liver. This can help you lose weight faster. These same benefits can be realized by eating the whole fruit but you would have to consume about 90 pounds to get the same effect.

Research shows that when paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise, raspberry ketones can help you lose weight. According to a Korean study conducted in 2010, researchers concluded that the stimulation of lipolysis could help suppress the accumulation of fat, and therefore help prevent obesity.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Increase Your Energy Levels* ​

Anhydrous simply means "without water."

The consumption of caffeine can increase overall energy output and can have a positive effect on the metabolic system.

It increases the release of fat into the bloodstream and helps your body burn fat faster.

Each capsule of SIZZLE RED has approximately 50mg of caffeine.

An average cup of coffee has nearly twice as much caffeine.


Cocoa beans are the fermented seeds of the cacao tree.

Cocoa combats Obesity: A study has shown the potential benefits of cocoa in preventing high-fat diet-induced obesity. T

he consumption of cocoa helps in modulating lipid metabolism and reducing the synthesis and transport of fatty acids.

It has also demonstrated an improvement in thermogenesis, the mechanism of heat production in white adipose tissues and the liver.

Some of the other reported health benefits of cocoa include relief from high blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, bronchial asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome and various neurodegenerative diseases. It is beneficial for quick wound healing, skin care, and it helps to improve cardiovascular health and brain health. It also helps in treating copper deficiency. It possesses mood-enhancing properties and exerts protective effects against neurotoxicity.

Cocoa is a Mood Enhancer: Consuming cocoa has shown antidepressant-like effects on certain physiological processes. Studies have shown that cocoa flavonols help to enhance mood, combat depression, and promote improved cognitive activities during persistent mental exertion. The presence of the neurochemical phenylethylamine in cocoa also helps in enhancing feelings of contentment and promoting aphrodisiac effects.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that has received much attention as a dietary supplement because good dietary sources of chromium are scarce and intake is generally low. In recent years, some very elegant work has revealed that chromium augments the actions of insulin, which is consistent with studies showing that long-term use effectively controls blood sugar (glucose) levels in people with intolerance to carbohydrates.

According to research, keeping blood sugar in check does everything from enhancing weight and fat loss and decreasing appetite to warding
off several chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. In contrast, foods that are rapidly digested and quickly released into the blood promote overeating, obesity, insulin resistance, and other metabolic disturbances contributing to disease.

Chromium diminishes carb cravings - If you are like a lot of people, you might have a compelling and recurring hunger for carbohydrate-rich foods. Cravings for starchy and sugar-laden foods are common and are a type of addiction that involves similar mechanisms engaged by opiates and the pain/pleasure center of the brain.
In one study, it was shown that simply taking 600 micrograms of chromium picolinate for 8 weeks significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings. The subjects who had the most severe carbohydrate cravings experienced the best results. When blood sugar is low, the drive to seek out sugars and starches is amplified, and there is a tendency to over-consume calories.

Chromium fights body fat - There have been fewer studies focused on chromium supplementation by athletes, but some double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments have shown that chromium picolinate supplementation reduces fat mass, increases lean body mass and can lead to weight loss. In one study, chromium picolinate was able to increase lean body mass in obese patients placed on a very low calorie diet.

Phenylethylalamine HCL (PEA):

PEA may help to speed up the metabolism. This also means that it can lead to an increased rate of fat burning.

Within the human brain it causes the release of norepinephrine and dopamine, two very powerful brain chemicals involved in attention and alertness. PEA reduces appetite, aids in concentration and focus and enhances mood.

One of the most beneficial effects of this supplement is that it can significantly improve your mood and generate feelings of well-being. This can be critical in helping those who gain weight from the consumption of "Comfort Foods" due to high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.

*Start by taking just one SIZZLE RED capsule at 10am for the first 3 days.

For many people, that will be enough. If you think you want more benefit, then add one additional capsule at 2pm.

You may consume up to 4 capsules of SIZZLE RED every day. It is better to take it early in the day, rather than later. If you wish, you may also take one capsule upon waking up in the morning and one capsule about a half hour before dinner. ​ ​

Use your own common sense and experience
to determine the timing and dosage that is best for you.

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